Wear Tiny Beautiful Landscapes On Your Fingers With These Amazing Rings

Each ring is one-of-a-kind, handmade and made-to-order


Last time we showed you the luminescent rings from Carbon6. Now see the ring with nature’s beauty encapsulated within wood and resin. These rings from Canadian designer and designer, Isabell Kiefhaber surprised us with the tiny landscapes trapped within the wood and resin. Each ring features unique landscapes such as the ocean floors, tiny green forests and dank subterranean caves. Every single ring is custom-made by hand and is made-to-order.

These beautiful rings take about 5 weeks to make and are $90. So make sure to place your order here today: http://www.mysecretwood.com/products

Secret_Wood_Ring_006 IMG_0823 Secret_Wood_Ring_002 Secret_Wood_Ring_003


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