Chomp Down On A Giant Raindrop With The Raindrop Cake

This raindrop look-a-like is actually an edible cake

Raindrop Cake Strawberry

The Raindrop cake is a simple three ingredient transparent sugar cake. The Raindrop Cake was developed by Darren Wong after he saw a variant of the cake in Japan known as Mizu Shingen Mochi there. It wasn’t until Darren started to sell his transparent variant of the cake in New York that the US got to experience.


It has a water taste and it is said to melt into a water instantly when you take a bite of it.The Raindrop Cake’s secret ingredient that makes it jiggly is a gelatin called agar agar. Just enough agar agar is used to give the cake it’s form. When too much agar agar is added the transparency will be lost.

Here’s video on how to make the Raindrop cake

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