Mocha Dick Is A Giant Felt Sperm Whale Created To Save Real Whales

Inspired by a notorious real life albino whale that terrorized ships near Mocha Island

Artist Tristin Lowe created Mocha Dick, a giant 52-foot-long whale made out of industrial felt. Mocha Dick was based on a real life albino whale that harassed ships near Mocha Island in the South Pacific Ocean, the same whale that inspired Herman Melville’s 1851 novel, “Moby-Dick”. The art piece truly captures not only the size of a sperm whale, but the feel. Zippers and seams mimic scars and gashes while handcrafted pieces of wool mimic barnacles. The white-wool felt is wrapped around a special inflatable body that give the effect of a muscular body. Lowe’s encourages viewers to the magnificence of the whale, the legacy of whaling, the care of our environment, and how the epic leviathan continues to capture the imagination.

Mocha’s sheer size is amazing!


Each barnacle was meticulously hand-stitched onto Mocha.


Mocha Dick was a real life albino whale that attacked ships near Mocha Island.

Mocha Dick

Here’s a video of the installation of this gigantic art piece.

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