Hubble Telescope Found The Most Amazing Thing In This Tiny Spot Of The Sky!

Warning: This post is humbling.

After ten days of viewing a portion of the sky about the size of a grain of sand the Hubble Telescope discovered the most amazing image ever taken by humans. It is called the Hubble Ultra Deep Space. This picture depicts the vastness of this beautiful universe and the minuscule speck we are within it. Over 10,000 galaxies can be seen in this one photo. Each with billions and billions of star, some with planets and some of those planets with the possibility of life.

It makes you feel extremely small. But it’s liberating at the same time. Almost like a beautiful challenge posed to us, humans, from the universe itself. Whatever it makes you feel, it makes you feel something.
Click the image to zoom in. Every single light you see it’s own galaxy.

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