SpaceX Is Now Looking For People To Colonize Mars

Are You Ready To Explore Our Solar System?

Soon we might be able to live on other planets. CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk as known as The Real Life Iron Man says he will put a man on Mars by 2025. SpaceX has done some remarkable things so far within the private spaceflight industry such as being the first privately company to send a rocket into orbit around the Earth and the first privately funded company to launch, orbit and return a rocket both on land and sea.

Elon Musk has gone on record saying that we need to stop using rockets only one time. Imagine driving your car once and then discarding it. It can get very expensive very quickly. But SpaceX has taken strides to changing that. There is still a lot of preparation such as building a big enough craft to carry cargo to the red planet and recruiting the first Martians first the trip. But Elon says, “This would be an incredible adventure. In fact the greatest adventure ever.” Head of to SpaceX’s site if you want to volunteer for this very important mission.

1. Musk unveiling The Dragon V2

Musk unveiling The Dragon V2

2. SpaceX landing a craft at sea on a droneship

SpaceX landing a spacecraft at sea on a droneship

3. Musk talking about the Mars mission

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