Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Sculptures Using Only Pipe Cleaners

The talent some people possess is amazing!

Remember when in elementary school at art class you were given pipe cleaners to create stuff? Well one artist has taken it to a whole new level. Since the age of 12, Lauren Ryan has loved the medium. She even goes on to say that she’s surprised that other artists don’t gravitate to it.

Each piece taken about 40 hours, Lauren starts with the eyes of the animal. She says it’s the hardest part for her. But once it’s completed everything else follows suit. Bending, twisting and weaving creates all of desired effects of realism. Also a special type of pipe cleaner called chenille stems is used to mimic animal fur. Lauren never uses glue and considers it cheating. However occasionally she would use a scissors to trim some stems and markers to add colors that isn’t offered by manufacturers.

Not only is she extremely talented. But she uses her talent for an amazing cause. Her main subjects are endangered animals in hopes that her art will give them a voice for a future. All of her work can be found on her Facebook page or website.

1. Wolves are one Lauren’s favorite subjects.

Lauren Ryan Wolf

2. This little guy is a Fennec Fox

Lauren Ryan Fennec Fox

3. The detail on this fox is awesome!

Lauren Ryan Fox

4. Here you can see her talent shine as she depicts a starving, manged wolf.

Lauren Ryan Manged Wolf

5. Lauren looking at her remarkable cheetah piece that won “Best In Show”

Lauren Ryan Best In Show

6. Another angle of her winning cheetah piece.

Lauren Ryan Cheetah

Bonus: Work in progress – Bowser!

Lauren Ryan Bowser

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