VantaBlack Is The Darkest Man-Made Material In The World

It's so dark it absorbs almost all light.

Nanotechnology has produced the darkest man-made material in the universe. Developed at the National Physical Laboratory in the UK. Vantablack utilizes “Vertically Aligned NanoTube Arrays” or in other words, thin carbon nanotubes. It’s so dark that the human eye cannot comprehend it. Some people say it’s like staring into an abyss. Vantablack’s nanotubes traps 99.965% of visible light instead of allowing it to bounce off. The trapped light is then continually deflected within the tubes and dissipated as heat. Check out the amazing effects of this amazing material.

1. As seen here, Vantablack hides all detail and form with it’s remarkable properties.

2. Here is a demonstration of the Vantablack trapping the light of a red laser.

Vantablack Laser Demo

3. Interest in Vantablack has sparked in many sectors such as art, aerospace, and fashion.

Vantablack Mask

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